Registration at the 1st DNAqua International Conference is now open

This first DNAQUA International Conference provides the opportunity to scientists and stakeholders to present and discuss latest research outputs on DNA-based aquatic monitoring from DNAqua-Net and beyond. While methods are leaving the labs where they have been developed, and being tested in real life, it is now time to deepen the dialogue between academia, industry and stakeholders from countries all around the world to find solutions to implement new methods in a standardized way to improve environmental monitoring world-wide.

Lots of highlights
1) Free attendance (Thanks to COST and our supporters)
2) Great keynote speakers to highlight advances in aquatic bioassessment and monitoring world-wide
3) 100% virtual but interaction with speakers and during poster sessions possible
4) Options for free OA-publication as part of Topical Issues in the new MBMG journal, edited by DNAqua-Net WG leaders
5) Six DNAqua-Net awards (each 300 €) for best student presentations (students: check the respective box during registration process)
6) Different presentation formats – and no overlapping presentations so that we can all follow all topics

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