Dear colleagues,

The registration has opened for an international conference on Current and Emerging Topics in Global Change Ecology of Plants, which will take place in Taizhou, China, from 1-3 November 2019.

It is now widely accepted that we are currently living in the Anthropocene epoch, which is characterized by a multitude of human caused environmental changes. Some of these global changes and their ecological consequences for plants have been studied already for several decades (e.g. climate change, biological invasions and eutrophication), and general patterns have started to emerge. Other global changes have started to receive research attention only recently (e.g. light pollution, plastic pollution), and provide a research agenda for the coming years.

In this conference organized by Taizhou University, we will bring together world-leading experts on current and emergent topics in global change ecology of plants. We therefore warmly welcome scientists and students working on any aspect of global change ecology. We hope for fruitful and stimulating discussions that will contribute to a better integration of the different topics and methods in this important field of research.

For more information about the conference and for registration, please, visit the conference website at

Best wishes,

Mark van Kleunen on behalf of the organizing committee

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