American Physiological Society (Intersociety Meeting) – Comparative Physiology: Complexity and Integration
New Orleans, LA, USA • October 25–28, 2018 • web site:

Join us for what will be the 8th in a series of meetings held every four years, on the topic of comparative and evolutionary physiology. The APS Intersociety Meeting in Comparative Physiology is one of only a limited number of international meetings solely dedicated to the dissemination of recent conceptual and technological advances in this diverse and exciting area. It is perhaps the single most widely-attended and eagerly-anticipated opportunity for comparative physiologists to meet colleagues, present papers, and learn from one another.

The theme of the meeting will be “Comparative Physiology: Complexity and Integration.” Comparative physiology seeks to discover how animals work, and why animals function the way they do. These two seemingly straightforward questions have far-reaching implications and require a variety of investigative approaches. The challenge is to determine the details of physiological mechanisms while simultaneously gaining insights into ultimate causation, i.e. the evolutionary or adaptive significance of a physiological process or trait. This manifold focus on proximal mechanism and ultimate causality requires that comparative and evolutionary physiologists use diverse analytical approaches and integrate molecular, cellular, organismal, morphological, biomechanical, biophysical, ecological and evolutionary information.

Visit the web site ( to find information on how to submit abstracts, register for the conference, make your hotel reservations as well as learn more about the exciting conference program, The scientific program will include plenary lectures, symposia, contributed oral and poster presentations, and workshops. In addition, there will be workshops on career development, as well as technological and educational advances for trainees and established investigators alike.

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