6 TENURE-TRACK (FULL-TIME) POSITIONS, FACULTY OF SCIENCES, Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion (UCSC)
Concepcion, CHILE

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The Faculty of Sciences, located at the main campus of the UCSC ( in the city of Concepción, central Chile, is committed to (i) basic and applied research in the fields of biology and chemistry, and (ii) the education of new scientists and professionals through two undergraduate programs (Marine Biology and Environmental Chemistry) and three graduate programs (Master of Marine Ecology, Master of Environment, and -since 2018- Doctorate in Biodiversity and Bioresources).

The Faculty of Sciences is made up of two departments: (i) Department of Ecology, with research lines in Biodiversity, Ecology and evolution of aquatic organisms, and Sustainability of coastal and aquatic ecosystems; (ii) Department of Environmental Chemistry, with research lines in Dynamics of chemical substances in the environment, Environmental remediation, and Technology of bioresources (see All full-time faculty members are engaged in research and teaching, and provide institutional service related with academic administration and outreach.

In such a context, the Faculty of Sciences UCSC welcomes applications for six tenure-track (full-time) faculty positions appointed at the minimum rank of Assistant Professor*.

* Assistant Professor is the third academic rank in the university, below the tenured ranks of Associate Professor and Full Professor. The rank will be determined by a formal Faculty Committee, which might recommend a higher rank depending on the academic biography of the selected applicants.


POSITION 1 – CODE: CIE-01 (appointed to the Department of Ecology)
Researcher with experience in management and/or conservation of biodiversity in coastal marine systems, either in intertidal, subtidal or coastal-terrestrial habitats, or their interphases.

POSITION 2 – CODE: CIE-02 (appointed to the Department of Environmental Chemistry)
Researcher with prior background in geology, chemistry or related areas of engineering. Proven experience in soil chemistry (organic and/or inorganic chemistry) with particular regard to its application in either urban, agricultural or industrial areas. His/her research should focus on one or more of the following areas:
• Study of the origin and composition of soils, as well as the behavior, bioavailability and transport of inorganic and organic chemicals (e.g., trace metals, nutrients, pollutants, stable isotopes, etc.) from soil to atmosphere and aquatic systems.
• Remediation and restoration of degraded soils in contaminated areas.
• Regional/national monitoring programs of soil pollution and management of natural resources.

POSITION 3 – CODE: CIE-03 (appointed to the Department of Environmental Chemistry)
Researcher with prior background in chemistry or related areas of engineering, with proven experience in atmospheric chemistry (organic and/or inorganic). His/her research should focus on one or more of the following areas:
• Implementation of analytical techniques for separation, detection and quantification of organic and inorganic chemical substances in air.
• Study of the spatiotemporal dynamics of organic and inorganic pollutants in the atmosphere.
• Regional/national monitoring programs of air quality and air pollution.

POSITIONS 4, 5 and 6 – COMMON CODE: CIE-04 (Department chosen by the selected applicants)
In accordance with Faculty-wide objectives, positions 3, 4 and 5 all have the same profile:
Researcher with prior undergraduate or graduate background in some of the following areas: biology, chemistry or biochemistry, or engineering disciplines related with the above areas.
Experience in scientific or technological research related with biodiversity (as defined by the Convention on Biological Diversity), oriented to the analysis and utilization of bioresources in coastal environments (either in marine, terrestrial or freshwater habitats, or their interphases).

• Doctorate or PhD degree (postdoctoral experience is desirable).
• Capability to develop basic and/or applied scientific research, demonstrated through scholarly publications (and/or patents) and research projects granted in competitive calls from national or international agencies.
• Minimum productivity in the last five years: 8 publications (WOS), and 1 research grant as principal investigator.
• Experience desirable in undergraduate and graduate teaching.
• Advanced level in written and spoken English. Non-native Spanish speakers should demonstrate an advanced level in Spanish.
• Starting date: 01 march 2018 (or as soon thereafter as possible).

• Curriculum Vitae.
• Two letters of recommendation.
• Photocopies of university diplomas (professional titles and/or academic degrees).
• Cover letter including (i) brief description of academic trajectory, (ii) perspectives to contribute to the Department or Faculty (research lines to develop, potential collaboration with other academics, contribution to teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels, academic administration, outreach), and (iii) salary expectations.

1. A pre-selection of applicants will be made on the basis of their academic background, according with the profile and requirements defined for each position.
2. Pre-selected applicants will hold an in-person or online interview with the corresponding Selection Committee, followed by a private presentation to the corresponding Department (Positions 1, 2 and 3) or to the Faculty (Positions 4, 5 and 6).
3. The UCSC reserves the right to leave the position(s) unfilled.

Application documents (prepared as a single PDF file) should be submitted via email to [email protected], with the subject: “Application [position’s code]”.


Florence Tellier
Profesora Asociada
Facultad de Ciencias
& Centro de Investigacion en Biodiversidad y Ambientes Sustentables – CIBAS
Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion (UCSC)
Alonso de Ribera 2850
Concepcion, CHILE
[email protected]

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