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The Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden offers a
position as Associate Senior Lecturer in crop production science with
specialisation in forage crops. The department specialises in applied
agriculture with a holistic view which includes both crop and animal sciences,
and has a clear focus on forage based dairy production systems. The
department includes a research station, Röbäcksdalen, which is a part of
SITES – Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science. SITES is a national
network of experimental field stations and offers the possibility to conduct
experiments and collect data under different climate and crop conditions. The
research station is situated close to Umeå city centre and includes both a
modern research barn with dairy cows, and excellent conditions for field
experiments. Umeå is an expansive city with two successful universities, SLU
and Umeå University. Read more about us on

The subject for the position is crop production science with specialisation in
forages, including the adaptation and development of mechanistic models for
forage plants in Nordic cropping systems.

The Associate Senior Lecturer is expected to establish a research programme
in crop production science with specialisation in forage plants. This includes
adapting and developing mechanistic models in a Nordic climate. The
associate senior lecturer will have the possibility to work with analysis and
modelling of forage intensive cropping systems using field experiments,
laboratory analyses and computer based modelling. The research is expected
to be done in close collaboration with other researchers at the department
and the rest of SLU, and through national and international linkages. The
holder of the position is also expected to:
– Apply for external funding and publish scientific papers
– Participate in postgraduate education as a co-supervisor
– Teach at basic (bachelor) and advanced (master) level
– Take pedagogic courses
– Communicate and collaborate with relevant stakeholders in agricultural

Candidates must hold a PhD or have equivalent academic qualifications.
Priority will be given to candidates who have received a PhD or equivalent
qualifications no longer than seven years prior to the application deadline. For
an appointment as Associate Senior Lecturer, the candidate must be
scientifically proficient in the subject area of crop production science.
Experience with research environments outside of SLU equivalent to a
post-doctoral period, or a PhD degree from another university or institute is
expected. Good ability to communicate in written and spoken English is required.

Applications no later than the 31th of August 2017, with ref. SLU ua 2015/2017, at [email protected] or Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden

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