The Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet) is one of the Regional Initiatives operating under the aegis of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands with the participation of 26 Parties to the Convention and the Palestinian Authority (see and The MedWet Secretariat is now established in France as a non-for-profit association under the French Law of 1901, in Camargue in the premises of Tour du Valat, 5km from Sambuc village, 30km from Arles.

The Secretariat has at present four staff members: the Coordinator, the Head of Communications, the Communications and Administrative Assistant (this post now vacant) and the Senior Advisor working from Athens at 50% of his time. Nevertheless, the Research Centre of La Tour du Valat employs some 70 staff, including those working for the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory, which works closely with the MedWet Secretariat.

Functions of the Communications and Administrative Assistant

Under the direct supervision of the Coordinator, 50% of his/her time should be devoted to:
1. The general administration of the MedWet Secretariat, including purchases and overseeing the good functioning of office equipment, as well as managing the “petit cash”;
2. Preparation in French and/or translation from English into French of letters and e-mails for the Coordinator (some 4 to 10 items per month);
3. Administrative and logistic assistance in the case of MedWet events and meetings at La Tour du Valat and elsewhere in the world (maximum three per year). In this case the Assistant will have to work full time during the events/meetings; and
4. Day-to-day updating of the contacts list, including the MedWet Focal Points and members of the network, in a dedicated database.

Under the direct supervision of the Head of Communications, 50% of his/her time will be devoted to:
5. The creation and updating of a section in Arabic in the MedWet web site;
6. Preparations of news for the web site specifically related to the Arabic-speaking countries (in this case a synthesis in English or French should be submitted to the Coordinator for approval);
7. Identifying news and information related to wetlands and cross sectoral issues of interest to the Mediterranean region;
8. Preparation of articles in French for the web site; and
9. To participate in the creation of communication projects/tools for the communications network in the Mediterranean.
At the request of the Coordinator, the Assistant should be ready to undertake other tasks that may emerge.

Qualifications for the post

1. In the first instance, it is necessary to have an interest in and understanding of the objectives and mission of MedWet and the Convention on Wetlands.
2. To have the capacity to establish positive contacts with government officials and MedWet partners from different origins, cultures, believes, gender and languages.
3. To have the capacity to write fluently and with a good style in Arabic and French (and for translation to and from these two languages). A good understanding of English is also essential.
4. A minimum of three-year experience in the fields of communications and/or administration.
5. Excellent performance in the use of office electronic equipment and systems. Experience in the management of web sites will constitute an important added advantage.
6. Readiness to work additional hours when necessary (which will be compensated with additional time off), especially on the occasion of MedWet meetings.
7. Training on matters related to nature conservation and/or environmental management will constitute a considerable advantage.

Work conditions

– Fixed-term contract for a duration of 18 months.
– Gross monthly salary: between 1350 and 1590 Euros, depending on qualifications (NOTE: this is already the salary at 60% of the time).
– Status under the French labour system: « technicien ».
– Working hours: 21 hours per week divided into three to five days per week. Additional working hours, including week-ends, might be necessary, especially in the occasion of MedWet meetings. Additional working hours will be compensated with additional time off.
– Probation time: two months.
– Other benefits will be discussed at the time of the interviews, including public transport allowance, daily lunches at the staff facilities of La Tour du Valat, and complementary health insurance.

Working space and equipment

The Assistant will have his/her own office and all the necessary modern office equipment to do the work.

Date for taken up the post: as soon as possible.


The applications should include:

a) a letter of application in Arabic and French (minimum one page and maximum three pages) explaining the qualifications of the candidate and elaborating on the main responsibilities of the post;

b ) a complete curriculum vitae; and

c ) if possible, the names and positions of referees, with their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Applications should be sent to the attention of the MedWet Coordinator M. Delmar Blasco at [email protected] with the subject: CANDIDATURE POUR LE POSTE D’ASSISTANT (E) DE COMMUNICATION ET ADMINISTRATIVE, before the deadline of Saturday 12 December 2015 at midnight.

Le contenu de cette offre est la responsabilité de ses auteurs. Pour toute question relative à cette offre en particulier (date, lieu, mode de candidature, etc.), merci de les contacter directement.

Pout toute autre question, vous pouvez contacter [email protected].