Course Announcement:

Nick Matzke and Dan Warren will be teaching a course entitled « Model-based Statistical Inference in Ecological and Evolutionary Biogeography » in Barcelona from November 28 to Dec 2, 2016.

This course will cover the theory and practice of widely used methods in evolutionary and ecological biogeography, namely ecological niche modelling / species distribution
modelling, and ancestral range estimation on phylogenies.

The course will cover both the practical challenges to using these techniques (the basics of R, obtaining and processing geographical occurrence data from GBIF, setting up and using the models), and the assumptions that various models and methods make.

R packages we will use include rgbif, dismo, ENMTools, and BioGeoBEARS.

Finally, this course will introduce several new approaches being developed by the
instructors for linking ecological and evolutionary models.

For more details or to enroll, please see the Transmitting Science web site

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