Description of the position

High mortality boosts local extinction of marginal populations, leaving empty niches for new species. In Western Europe, Mediterranean species are expanding their ranges as a consequence of climate change at the same time that temperate European species are reducing theirs, suggesting a “mediterraneization” of Temperate Europe in the coming years. However, to confirm this hypothesis it is necessary to understand the role of invasive species in the empty niches in the ecotone
between Temperate and Mediterranean where specific colonization capacities will not preclude new assemblies. To study this phenomenon we will use a new generation of species distribution models that
include intra-specific variation estimated from provenance trials and demography from National Forest Inventories as well as
integrating functional approaches. The association of national forest inventories and provenance tests will allow apprehending the changes at the species and population levels. Provenance
tests include several populations of Mediterranean, temperate and invasive tree species that have been planted in 79 arboretum along the European Atlantic coast from Portugal to Scotland. In addition,
demographic models will be developed using the recorded data on the French and Spanish National Forest Inventories. Incorporating population variability and demographic processes will assure understanding which processes will be more important in defining the new communities and which species will likely settle the empty niches.

Candidate Profile

A PhD on Ecology alongside experience in ecological data analysis and spatial modeling is required, as well as strong knowledge on GIS and R. Expertise on shell scripts, or other scripting languages and ability to work in Linux environment is highly desired. The postdoc is part of the University of Bordeaux “Junior Chair Idex” awarded to Marta Benito Garzón within the Biogeco group. The postdoc will work closely with her and the other members of the Biogeco working in adaptation of forests to climate change. The position can start in January 2016 at earliest and will last for one year (renewable for two years). Salary follows national directives and is adjusted for work experience (~2200 € net per month). Candidates can send a CV, including research interest and
expertise, a motivation letter and the names of one or two potential referees to Marta Benito Garzón ([email protected]).

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