Research unit and location: UMR CNRS 5023 LEHNA, The research will be conducted in the team Ecophysiology Behaviour and Conservation in the LEHNA ( The LEHNA laboratory works on different themes from evolutionary to environmental sciences at different organization levels (ecosystem to individual). It is one of the 65 research units of Lyon 1 University counting 45000 students including 1800 PhD students.

Working time per week: 37h – 100%
Address: Darwin C & Forel, 3-6 Rue Raphaël Dubois, 69622 Villeurbanne
Gross Salary: approx. 2600,00 €

Description research project and main tasks:
Artificial light at night (ALAN) is an increasing phenomenon worldwide generated mostly by urban areas and transport networks. Recent reviews have highlighted the biological and ecological effects of ALAN on biodiversity, but also the knowledge gaps. Physiological and behavioral disruption can affect individual, population and potentially scale up at the ecosystem level. Some animal groups may be particularly exposed because of their activity pattern. Amphibians are nocturnal nature and their night vision is very sensitive. Individuals exposed to ALAN may experience disruption of their behaviour, especially the performance of prey capture. The global unfavorable conservation status of this vertebrate group makes it a primary targets of ALAN studies for Conservation biology.

The candidate will investigate the effects of increasing exposure to ALAN on the foraging behavior and the physiology of the Common toad, a ubiquitous anuran that can stand some level of urbanization. The work is lab-based. The hired person will carry out indoor experiments on the foraging behaviour of adult toads exposed to increasing levels of ALAN. He/She will also carry out physiological assays to quantify the stress level of animals in regards to ALAN exposition.

Université de Lyon – 92 rue Pasteur, CS 30122 – 69361 Lyon Cedex 07 – France
Tél. +33 (0)4 37 37 26 74 / Fax +33 (0)4 37 37 26 71 /

Skills: The candidate must show publication record in the field of behavioral ecology and/or ecophysiology. Skills in the design of experiments and experience in the field of stress physiology are required.
This work will be part of a multidisciplinary project (ecology, geography) on ALAN aiming at quantifying biological effects in that species and mapping these effects on a large wetland (>1000 km²) area located on the border of Lyon, the second largest French city.

Interested candidates should submit the following electronic documents:
– A cover letter including succinct research statements.
– Curriculum vitae including a complete list of publications (all peer-reviewed/non-peer re
viewed journal articles, conference contributions, books,etc.).
– Contact information of two professional references (referees will be contacted after the final candidates have been shortlisted).

Proposition should be send to Thierry Lengagne ([email protected]) and Isabelle Di Raimondo ([email protected]) before November 15th 2017.

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