Post-doc – Revealing how sea ice processes and climate fluctuations affect Arctic diving seabirds: a demographic approach.

We plan hiring a postdoctoral scientist at Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (CNRS), Villiers en Bois, France, to start in or around September 2018.

The project will focus on estimating demographic parameters, modelling population dynamics and assess the influence of environmental drivers of a Mandt’s guillemot population monitored over 43 years in Northern Alaska.

Competitive candidates will have excellent quantitative skills, experience with demographic estimation methods and population modelling, and strong interest in population and climate change ecology.

The application must include:
• Application letter, explaining how the candidate fits the announced position.
• CV with education, positions, exam ranks, list of publications, and fieldwork experience.
• University transcripts if available.
Please send applications to Christophe Barbraud ([email protected]) and contact him if you have any questions regarding the application procedure or the scientific content and institutional context of the post-doc.

We expect to make the selection of applications by June 11th, 2018. If needed, this deadline will be extended until we find a suitable candidate.

More information can be found here:

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