Two-year Postdoc position at Lund University, Sweden on modelling natural pest control services across agricultural landscapes.

Natural control of crop pests by beneficial predators and parasitoids provides substantial benefits to crop production across the world. Despite increasing availability of empirical data from across the globe, generalized models linking landscape-scale land-use to pest control are currently lacking. This position will help synthesize, using functional ecological approaches, existing knowledge and data on crop-pest-natural enemy systems, and based on this work build and implement a framework for spatially explicit models for natural pest control delivery.
The PostDoc will be embedded in collaborations, including research stays, with partners in Europe and North America, in addition to the thriving interdisciplinary environment at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC), where the Postdoc will be located. The outputs will form the basis for assessing policy and management alternatives, and will present numerous opportunities for the PostDoc to publish and communicate their research.
Requirements are significant experience working with quantitative ecological modelling, a PhD in ecology, biology, statistics or similar, skills in geographic information systems and spatial analysis, experience working with R or similar statistical packages, excellent written and verbal communications skills (in English), excellent organisational and time-keeping skills. Experience in working with natural pest control or tri-trophic systems more generally, experience with individual/process-based models, collaboration with different research groups, collaboration with relevant stakeholders, in participation in empirical field studies, in parallel computing, in modelling ecosystem services, are not required, but meriting.

Deadline for applying: 31st of January.

Full details (incl. formal requirements) can be found under: (In English)

Contact person: Yann Clough, +46(0)462226831, [email protected]

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