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Tour du Valat, Research Centre for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands, with CEFE-CNRS (Montpellier) and IMBE (Aix-Marseille) organize
the 3rd conference for young scientists on Conservation Sciences in the Mediterranean Region from 22 – 24 March 2016.

Place : Tour du Valat, Camargue (France)

We are pride to announce that “Biodimex, CNRS Mistrals, in collaboration with Tour du Valat, supports the Mediterranean Conservation Science Conference and will sponsor 2 or 3 young scientists from Mediterranean countries (outside EU) proposing talks on one of the following topics:

Theme 1: Biodiversity of poorly known environments, highly constrained by abiotic factors and biotic interactions
Theme 2: Biodiversity within socio-ecological systems (SES), shaped historically and within present landscape dynamics

The support will be decided on the basis of the summary.

Le contenu de cette offre est la responsabilité de ses auteurs. Pour toute question relative à cette offre en particulier (date, lieu, mode de candidature, etc.), merci de les contacter directement.

Pout toute autre question, vous pouvez contacter [email protected].