Titi monkeys Callicebus nigrifrons present a very complex vocal repertoire, and studies on their alarm calls have shown that they can encode both the type of predator and its location in the alarm sequences. This project aims to investigate deeper the understanding of those messages by the listeners, using playback experiments and presentations of stuffed predators.

We are looking for a research assistant from beginning of April to end of June 2016 (3 months) to help on collecting data in the Reserve of Caraça, Brasil. It is an 11 000 ha private reserve in the State of Minas Gerais, managed by the community of Fathers and Brothers from the Sanctuary of Caraça, a former monastery recently turned into a hotel. The assistants are housed together, the place is simple but comfortable enough: there is hot water, electricity, internet, diner are provided by the hotel. The first city is 30 minutes away driving.
Website of the fieldsite: http://www.santuariodocaraca.com.br/inicio

Participation in the research may include:
-Behavioural data collection (scans, video recording)
-Recording of vocalizations
-Playbacks experiments
-Presentation of stuffed predators

The successful applicant needs:
– Really good social skills (there is few private space and few time alone)
– Interest in different culture and will to learn Portuguese if he/she does not speak yet (most of the people do not speak English there)
– Really good physical and mental conditions: Following the monkeys in the dense forest is physically demanding. Be prepared for long days without break in the field and to deal with local fauna (snakes, but mainly mosquitoes and ticks)

Applicants should:
– Have a background and strong interest in primatology, ethology, behavioural ecology or related fields.
– Have a previous experience of at least two months on the field
– Speak English or French

No salary is provided.
The research assistant will be responsible for its flight (to Belo Horizonte) and housing/meals costs, visa and health insurance. The fees at the Sanctuary (housing + diner) are about 30 BRL/days.
All transport from Belo Horizonte to Caraça and around Caraça (grocery shopping for example) will be provided.

Review of applicants will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. To apply please send your CV including one or two detailed referents and a cover letter to [email protected]
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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Pout toute autre question, vous pouvez contacter [email protected].