The aim of this project is to model spatial and temporal relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem services in socio-ecological systems and to deepen the understanding of the functional role of biodiversity for ecosystem services and health in one or more natural resource issues in the tropical Andes (e.g., crop-disease system dynamics, sustainable use of high altitude wetlands, palm pollination- seed production trade-off) in a context of changing climate and land use. The portfolio of work can adapt to the successful candidate’s interests and skills but could involve cross-system network analysis, biodiversity-function modelling, socio-ecological modelling and/or agent-based modelling.

Based in the Centre of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (CEFE) in Montpellier (Southern France), the candidate will be part of the International Joint Laboratory BIO_INCA, sponsored by IRD, Uniandes (Colombia) and PUCE (Ecuador), which develops knowledge, technologies, and methods in support of science-based solutions for socio-economically and ecologically sound uses of natural resources in the tropical Andes.

We particularly seek applicants with skill in quantitative modelling of, for example, agro-ecological systems, bio-economic relationships, or land cover changes. Candidates should have (1) a PhD, (2) facility in assembling, manipulating, and analysing datasets (3) excellent communication skills in English (skills in Spanish would also be appreciated), (5) the ability and desire to collaborate with fellows from other research fields, in both France and South America.

Contact: Send a CV and 2 recommendation letters to [email protected]

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