Project: Carbon balance of forest peat: impact of silvicultural treatments and use in mine restoration

Description: Boreal forests accumulate large amounts of carbon in the surface organic layers of their soils (forest peat), which is generally created by Sphagnum spp. bryophytes. To regenerate productive stands after forest harvest this forest peat is typically mixed with mineral soil or simply removed and stored. This project investigates the impact of these disturbances on soil CO2 production, forest peat decomposition rates, and Sphagnum spp. growth rates, as well as the potential use of forest peat for restoring degraded mine sites. The results of this project will contribute to the development of carbon storage by the forestry industry, which is an integral aspect of forest certification. In addition it has the potential to open up new avenues in research in mine restoration within a boreal context.

Technical details: Two year programme (beginning May 2016). The student will be based at the Rouyn-Noranda campus of UQAT, as part of the Forest Research Institute (FRI) and the NSERC-UQAT-UQAM Industrial Chair in Sustainable Forest Management. The FRI team is dynamic and offers a good environment for students (student association, activities, etc.). Rouyn is a cultural and interesting city with an excellent quality of life (hiking, canoeing, swimming, films, music, festivals, restaurants).
Financing: stipend of 16 000$/year for two years.
Supervision: Nicole Fenton, David Paré, Marie Guittonny-Larchevêque

Requirements: Independent student who is interested in contributing to the development of integrated and sustainable industries in the boreal. Training in vegetation sciences (BSc in Biology, Botany, Agriculture, Forestry) are required. Intense, precise field work will be required for this project. Basic French is required.

To apply: CV, letter of motivation, transcript (copy), and two references (emails).

For more information:

Nicole Fenton
Professeur, Institut de recherche sur les forêts
Tél : 819-762-0971 poste 2312
[email protected]

David Paré
Chercheur scientifique, Ressources naturelles Canada
Tél : 418-648-7598
[email protected]

Marie Guittonny-Larchevêque
Professeur, Institut de recherche en mines et en environnement
Tél : 819-732-8809 poste 8226
[email protected]

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