The Novus Research Coordination Network focuses on integrating long and short timescale approaches to understanding ecosystem response to disturbance. We are organizing a workshop to bring together researchers on this topic, and we invite you now to apply for a limited number of available openings to participate in the workshop. The deadline for application is Friday 22, January 2016.

The workshop format is an active technique exchange among paleoecologists, dendrochronologists, and neo-ecosystem ecologists in an oak-savanna environment.
These oak ecosystems are important because of their vastness, diversity, and many ecological and economical values. However, they are highly-threatened due partly to historical fire suppression. Although prescribed fires are used to help regenerate and restore the oak-savanna ecosystem, the past fire regime of this area is not well-understood, nor is the role of nutrient and carbon cycling. The workshop theme is about the fire regimes of the oak-savanna ecosystem and the biogeochemical consequences at short and long temporal scales.

The workshop will be an entire week, with three days in the field, at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve, and three days in labs at the University of Minnesota processing samples.
More information about our RCN:, and about Cedar Creek Reserve:

To apply to attend the workshop, please send an email to Berangere Leys by Friday 22, January 2016, containing:
– Your name, affiliation and address
– Your position and career stage (PhD student, postdoc, professor, manager…)
– Your area of expertise
– The ideas and questions that interest you regarding the topic of the workshop and the study site
– The tools and techniques you are familiar with, and you would like to integrate into the workshop

Funding is available for a limited number of applicants whose research interests match Novus RCN topics. We will review your application and notify you shortly thereafter.

Thank you,

Dr. Bérangère Leys
on behalf of the Novus steering committee


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