Predation and the risk of predation seem to encourage greater among individual variation in behavior and correlations among different behaviors. Other traits, like body shape and coloration, are likely related to behavior, but how these traits might co-evolve under predation is not clear. Why do predators seem to encourage greater variation among individuals in general, and what genes might be involved?

Predation and the risk of predation are seemingly a major driving force in shaping animal ‘personalities’ (i.e. shy vs bold behaviours), body shape (i.e body size, or shape that facilitates escape from predators) and even body colour (i.e. camouflage from predators). Using lab populations of fish that have been living and breeding for 3 years in ponds either without predators, We have preliminary observations that fish show evolved differences in these traits.

Project details and work involved:

The project will involve measuring behavior (such as activity levels), body shape and color of individuals from each treatment, and testing if the presence of predators does indeed favor evolution of greater variation of these traits. Assessment of demography, size structure and life history parameters may also be measured. The project could also involve some limited genetic analyses to identify genes associated with evolved trait changes.

We are based near Melbourne, Australia. We are a small but tightly knit group, and have had several French students here in the past that have enjoyed their stay and interaction with post graduate students here.

Students for a PhD would apply for a competitive scholarship, usually helped by having one or more publications. Post-doc applicants would apply for an Alfred Deakin fellowship. Both are well paid positions relative to cost of living in Australia.

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