Come and work with us at Lund University, Sweden! We have an opening for a PhD position within the project « Tracing hypoxia during warm periods in the Baltic Sea region – using plasma analytical methods and synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy ».

Deadline: 2016-08-01

Keywords: foraminiferal geochemistry, paleoceanography and micropaleontology.

In the Baltic Sea region, several periods of warmth and large environmental change have occurred since the most recent glaciation, and there is evidence that these periods were also marked by deoxygenation. Reconstructing past oxygenation conditions is difficult because few quantitative proxies exist for oxygen levels, and there are currently many efforts to improve and develop better proxies for past oxygenation of bottom waters. Recently, we have focused on Mn/Ca in benthic foraminifera as a potential proxy variable for low oxygen conditions. In this project we plan to use a combination of inductively coupled plasma (ICP) – and synchrotron-based methods to analyze Mn concentration, distribution, and speciation and other trace elements in foraminiferal shells. The objectives of this work are: 1) to quantitatively reconstruct marine environmental conditions, focusing primarily on bottom water oxygenation in the Baltic Sea region, during periods of warming and large environmental change and 2) improve the tools we use to reconstruct past environments by using a combination of experimental work and synchrotron – and plasma based methods.

Please see the following link for further information and application instructions:

Contact person: Assoc. Prof. Helena Filipsson, [email protected]

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