A three-year position for a PhD student is available in the project “TRAIT-BASED PREDICTION OF EXTINCTION RISK”. The project intends to evaluate the relation between functional traits (e.g. body size, dispersal ability) and extinction risk across a variety of taxa, from bryophytes to mammals, at a global level, allowing the prediction of which species are in peril when current population trends are unknown. Traits will be correlated with extinction risk in both artificial scenarios, using agent-based modelling, and empirical data, using literature search.

The student will work in the Finnish Museum of Natural History (http://www.luomus.fi) and enrol in the LUOVA Doctoral Programme in Wildlife Biology Research (http://www.helsinki.fi/luova/) of the University of Helsinki, Finland. (S)he will be supervised by Pedro Cardoso (http://www.luomus.fi/en/pedro-cardoso) and Aino Juslén (http://www.luomus.fi/en/aino-juslen-0 ). The position is available for three years starting June 2016. It is funded by Kone Foundation (http://www.koneensaatio.fi/en/) with a value of 2360€/month x 36 months.

Applicants are expected to have a Master`s in ecology, biology, geography or related disciplines. A strong interest (but not necessarily knowledge) in computer science and statistics is also highly recommended, besides high motivation, enthusiasm for science and ability to work independently and as a member of a research group. The post will include extensive literature search, computer programming, data analyses and manuscript (and thesis) writing.

The application documents should include:
1. Motivation letter explaining why (s)he is interested in the position and an excellent candidate.
2. CV including education and prior research experience.
3. One-page summary of the MSc thesis and list of relevant publications (if any).
4. Name and contact information for two academic referees.

The application should be sent no later than 29.02.2016 to Pedro Cardoso (pedro.cardoso (at) helsinki.fi).

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