Post-doc research position/PhD. (until end of 2017) dealing with species adaptations to changing
climate and polyploidization in Zuzana Münzbergová’s population ecology research group, Institute of
Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences and Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University,
Prague, Czech Republic
We are seeking a motivated post-doc (PhD. student if suitable post-doc not recruited) to work on
two projects funded by the Czech grant agency until the end of 2017. The post-doc will primarily work on
project dealing with species adaptation to changing climates using a unique climatic gradient in western
Norway. The main responsibility will be integrating data on species performance in the field as well as in
growth chamber experiments with data on plant physiology and data on genetic profiles of the plants.
The post-doc may also get involved in additional working comparing performance of natural and
synthetic polyploids in another study system.
You will work in lively environments of a young developing group broadly interested in plant
population biology and genetics with main focus on plant adaptations to changing climates,
consequences of polyploidization and interactions of plants with other organisms. Candidates will enjoy
working in a collaborative team but must be highly self-motivated and work well independently.
Candidates will be expected to produce peer-reviewed publications in high impact international journals
based on existing data. Candidates are expected to present their results at an international conference
during the course of their postdoc.
Application: The application is opened until the position is filled and the start can be as soon as possible.
The project will in any case terminate at the end of 2017. We plan to preferentially higher a post-doc.
Prospective PhD. students may be also considered in case no post-doc will be successfully recruited.
Essential criteria: 1. PhD in a relevant area in evolution, ecology, population biology, genetics, plant
sciences or zoology (MSc. for a PhD. student). We will consider candidates in their final stage of PhD. as
well. 2. Experience in data analyses and manuscript writing.
Desirable criteria: 1. High quality publications in international peer reviewed journals. 2. Experience
combining population genetic data with data on plant performance. 3. Experience working with plant
adaptations. 4. Experience working with polyploids. 5. Bioinformatics experience.
Salary: Post-doctoral salary is above the standards of equal positions in our institute. The monthly salary
will be 34 000 CZK, which is cca 1260 EUR/month. The salary applies to a post-doc position (lower for a
PhD). While this may seem low compared to west European standards, this is 1/3 above mean salary of
the country and is far than enough for convenient life in the country. Applications for part-time positions
will be considered (pro-rata salary). Part of the working time may be spend out of the Institute if
Location: The post-doc will be primarily based in the Botanical Institute situated in a large UNESCO
heritage park at the outskirts of Prague ( Part of the time will be spend at the Charles
University in the center of Prague ( Applications should be send by email to
[email protected], with a copy to [email protected] with an attached cv, the names of two referees,
a full publication list, and cover letter addressing all of the essential criteria and giving evidence for the
desirable criteria which you meet. Use one paragraph of the cover letter to outline your research
ambitions through the post-doc. The applications will be accepted continuously until the position is

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