The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University (OSU)
invites applications for a full-time (1.0 FTE), 12-month, fixed-term
Research Associate (Post-Doc) position. Reappointment expected for a second
year contingent on successful performance and availability of funding.
Position will work closely with Dr. Dana Sanchez (wildlife and range
ecology) and Dr. Lisa Ellsworth (range and fire ecology).

The overarching objective of this study is to quantify the responses of
plant community as well as small-bodied mammals and mule deer to multiple
restoration scenarios following stand-replacing wildfire in the Phillip W.
Schneider wildlife management area. The field site was historically
renowned as a critical wintering area for mule deer. Historic overgrazing,
expansion of western juniper, loss of understory, and invasion by multiple
non-native annual grasses have contributed to significant declines in
habitat quality and site occupancy by multiple native wildlife species.
Further, a large wildfire in 2014 has presented new challenges to ecosystem
restoration as well as has spurred new questions about post-fire ecosystem
response. The Research Associate (Post-Doc) will: 1) merge and analyze
existing data sets of fire effects on invasive/native species dynamics; 2)
lead field and lab efforts for upcoming research phases focused on testing
how management alternatives pre-fire (juniper cutting, cessation of
grazing) and post-fire (e.g., herbicide, herbaceous and woody seeding,
seedling planting) impact ecosystem recovery and wildlife utilization
following disturbance; 3) present research results in written and oral
formats for scientific and management audiences, and; 4) contribute to
pursuing new research questions and funding potentials within the larger
project objectives. An ability to work independently and constructively as
part of multi-faceted research team is critical.

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife is an academic unit that reports
to the College of Agricultural Sciences. The Department is composed of
approximately 300 staff – including academic faculty, research assistants,
classified staff, graduate students, temporary staff and undergraduate

The mission of the Department is to discover, integrate and disseminate
knowledge about wildlife and fisheries resources, as well as ecosystems and
human communities with which they interrelate. It accomplishes this through
an interconnected program of 1) undergraduate and graduate education; 2)
scholarly research; and 3) extended education.

Postdoc will be expected to perform the following activities:
40% Conduct research and analyses on vegetation and animal responses to
pre- and post-fire treatments. Merge and manage existing and new project
datasets, analyze data, and present results in written and oral scientific
and outreach communications.

30% Lead field data collection efforts. Hire, supervise, and train field
crews, manage logistics including but not limited to scheduling trips,
reserving vehicles, assigning work duties, overseeing data collection and
entry, assuring quality of field efforts. Travel using University,
government or agency motor vehicles and equipment (ATVs, trailers) is
required to perform some of the research duties.

30% Communicate with state and federal agencies, professional groups,
stakeholders, and members of the general public, including publication in
scientific journals. Participate in grant-writing with PIs to fund the next
stage and future expansion of project topics.

The Research Associate (Post Doc) will oversee field work in a beautiful,
yet remote area south of Dayville, OR. The field site was historically
renowned as a critical wintering area for mule deer. Although a truly
beautiful region, working on the study area involves rugged travel via ATV
and hiking. Daily conditions can be challenging, including extreme hot and
cold weather, high fire risk, encounters with venomous reptiles and
semi-primitive living conditions at a historic ranch house that serves as
the project’s base camp. Applicants must be willing and able to work under
difficult field conditions.

Full position description and application instructions can be found on the
OSU website:
Posting number: 0016932

Please feel free to contact Dr. Sanchez and/or Dr. Ellsworth with any
questions about the position at [email protected] AND
[email protected]

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