The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute

Based in Stanley, Falkland Islands. Competitive Salary and tax rates
Job Purpose: To provide GIS support to Falkland Islands Government (FIG) officers, SAERI employees and projects, NGOs in the Falkland Is-lands, the wider UKOTs and to manage aspects of the Falkland Islands Information Management System and GIS (IMS-GIS) Data Centre.
The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) has been lead-ing a project for the development and implementation of the Information Man-agement System (IMS) and GIS Data Centre for the UKOTs in the South At-lantic and Caribbean region. SAOT governments have been active participants in the project and the IMS-GIS data centre has grown and developed and now offers an online metadata catalogue as data discovery and access service; se-cure servers offering storage, security and backup for local data; analytical and mapping facilities supported by open source GIS courses; a series of best prac-tice documents, guidelines, research permits, data request forms and data poli-cy for avoiding data losses, duplication and ensuring data are documented, trackable and kept locally.
The GIS and Data Manager post focuses on three areas:
1. Maintaining the Falkland Islands IMS-GIS Data Centre and contributing to the sustainability of the data centres in other South Atlantic Overseas Territo-ries.
2.Providing GIS services and training courses (from basic to advanced QGIS tools, spatial database and webGIS design and implementation) to SAERI em-ployees, SAERI projects, FIG officers, NGOs in the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic Islands and to organisations working in partnership with SAERI.
3.Cross-cutting accountabilities linked to project and budget management and providing support for existing and new SAERI and partner projects.
Essential criteria applicants should have include:
Qualified with to degree level greater in Geography, Informatics, Geoscience, Geomatics, Engineering or related subjects
Proven knowledge of GNU/Linux (Debian/Ubuntu distributions) server system administration
Proven long term experience of working with open source software/system administration
Remote sensing experience
Familiar and confident in writing SQL and spatial SQL codes for querying data in spatial databases (PostgreSQL)
Being a problem solver with good interpersonal skills who can listen and help a variety of audience, including international scientists, government officers, NGOs, private sector (Directors, CEOs) to clarify needs, set targets and find the best solutions to them.
Application forms and job descriptions are available from SAERI’s Office Manager ([email protected]) and a completed form should be returned by 20th November 2017.

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