The International Chair in Marine Ecosystem Services( is a small team of international researchers led by Dr. Linwood Pendleton. The Chair team focuses on finding new interdisciplinary solutions to manage marine and coastal ecosystems and the benefits people derive from these systems. The International Chair team is funded by LabexMER and is hosted by Amure lab at the European Institute for Marine Studies.
The International Chair activities include, but are not limited to, the following research projects:
● European Union H2020 “Ecopotential” ( The research project involves the development of an integrated model that can combine ecological models of habitat suitability with data on whale and dolphin sightings from a wide variety of sources, including historical observations, satellite images (working with our partners at the British Antarctic Survey), one-off academic research findings, new sonar arrays, and even social media.
● Global Environment Facility “Blue Forests” ( The main goals are understanding carbon science, payments for ecosystem services, including payments for carbon offsets, and ecosystem service assessments to promote better conservation in countries with coastal ecosystems that store carbon (i.e., mangroves, saltwater marshes, seagrass meadows) .
In addition, the International Chair is involved in the Ocean Innovation and Sustainability initiative. Its objective is the promotion of new ways of conducting ocean research to be more innovative and beneficial to socioeconomic stakeholders and civil society.
We are looking for a Research Assistant to assist with the above research including the development of new research ideas and proposals for European and International grant calls. In this role, the successful candidate will provide support to the International Chair team and work closely with Drs. Linwood Pendleton and Bénédicte Madon (research lead for high tech and marine conservation) in grant and call management. Duties will include (but are not limited to) coordinating with Drs Pendleton and Madon to:
● produce research outputs and scientific writing
● contribute to the development of new research ideas and approaches
● conduct background literature reviews and proposal development
● coordinate delivery of research outcomes
● assist in preparing various documentation resources (e.g. journal articles, presentation, technical articles)
The successful candidate will report directly to the Chair (Pendleton) and will work in close coordination with the project leaders and associated external researchers of the above-mentioned research topics.
The position is a 1-year contractual position with the possibility of renewal.
Candidate Qualifications:
Professional experience acquired to date:
● A master’s degree or higher in a related field.
● A minimum of 3-year experience in scientific research and/or proposal and grant writing.
● Familiarity with reporting and involvement in international projects.
● A demonstrated ability to write well technically.
● Experience creating and submitting proposals with a proven track record of success.
The candidate should have the following skills:
● Have strong organizational skills.
● Be able to work independently and should be self-motivated.
● Write well in English and should be capable of assisting in the writing and submission of scholarly publications.
● The candidate will work closely with the Chair and the Chair team, to manage the research program and should be able to brainstorm, add value to ideas, and plan and execute actions.
● Should feel comfortable working in a team that includes a variety of disciplines, faculty, researchers, post-docs, and doctoral students.
● Should enjoy working with collaborators from diverse cultures.
The candidate must be fluent in English and French. Other languages, especially Mediterranean languages are a plus.
The position is based in the Ocean Technopole located in Plouzané, France, part of Brest Métropole. Perched above the Straits of Brest, the Technopole is a unique, interdisciplinary home to the University of Brest, the European Institute of Marine Studies, the LabexMER, Ifremer, Telecom Bretagne and private enterprise.
How to Apply
Please send a CV or résumé, a short writing sample in English that shows your ability to communicate, anything else you think will impress us, and a cover letter describing your qualifications and experience before 13 novembre 2017 to [email protected] with a cc to [email protected]
References will be requested for shortlisted candidates.

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