Reneco International Wildlife Consultants. LLC.

Job locations; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job context;
Reneco’s mission is to implement an overall conservation strategy aiming to restore and preserve the endangered North African and Asian native houbara bustard populations (Chlamydotis undulata and Chlamydotis macqueenii). To achieve these goals, Reneco has developed a multidisciplinary approach in different centres and countries combining fundamental and applied research in such varied areas as ecology, biology, physiology, captive breeding, veterinary medicine, with an in-depth expertise in the reinforcement of wild populations.
More particularly, research efforts aim to increase general knowledge on both species and their habitats to provide useful tools for conservation planning at a large scale and in various environments. In addition, the success of the program and its impact on the environment has to be carefully assessed.

Job description;
The holder of this job will focus on the movement ecology and behaviour of houbara (wild and captive-bred released) with emphasis on 1) dispersal and migration behaviour, 2) drivers of birds movements, 3) relationships between movement and bird fitness (survival and breeding), and 4) flying and orientation behaviour.

The successful candidate will have the following responsibilities:
Fieldwork and experiment protocol edition and application / team training / data analysis / report edition / scientific papers edition / international communication (congress) / conduct regular research meeting (students, fieldworkers) / student supervision.

Skills required;
The successful candidate should hold a PhD degree with an education well rounded in animal ecology, behaviour and conservation biology. More particularly a profound knowledge in the analysis of movements is required.
A comprehensive knowledge in the following research topics would be an asset: habitat use and selection / foraging ecology / in and ex-situ conservation / reintroduction biology

He / She must have good experience of fieldwork, and must be able to move in several countries within Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

Language requirements; Fluency in English.
French, Arabic or Russian will be an asset.

Additional valuable abilities; Ability to work in a multicultural and multinational environment. Mobility across all Reneco’s projects in Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

Start date; 2018

Salary; Commensurate with experience

Additional benefits Full medical insurance, travel allowance, length of service gratuity, provisions for accommodation

To submit an application
Email [email protected]

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