9-12 month position from February 2016 working on molecular biology of an endemic molluscan radiation from Lake Baikal, Siberia. This project is a collaboration between molluscan taxonomist Tatiana Sitnikova and the molecular biology lab of Dmitri Sherbakov at the Limnological Institute (http://www.lin.irk.ru/en/), Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Siberia, studying the endemic gastropods of the worlds most ancient and diverse freshwater lake. More specifically, the project aims at the elucidation of the discrepancies between the diversity patterns obtained from mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA data in order to obtain a better evolutionary history of the group and to fit it to the well-studied history of the Baikalian eco-system transformations.

The project is funded for Sanger sequencing and some NGS (obtaining depleted libraries or 2-3 transcriptoms). It also includes participation in 10-15 days expedition around Lake Baikal.

The successful applicant should have skills in molecular laboratory and analytical work (general lab routines, PCR, purification of amplicons, dealing with DNA sequences and phylogenetic analysis of various kinds). The applicant will also be involved into analysis and publication of the data already obtained.

The project will deliver publications with the successful applicant as co-author or lead author as appropriate.

The position includes salary at local level. Knowledge of Russian is not required, though willingness to learn is an advantage.

This is a great opportunity for a young researcher with a sense of adventure and good academic research skills. Siberia is a region of can-do optimism and Lake Baikal is one of the most interesting systems for an evolutionary biologist to study.

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