We are looking for a highly-motivated PhD student for a unique opportunity to conduct basic and applied research on metacommunities in headwater streams prone to hydrologic alterations. Based at IRSTEA, Lyon, France for 3 years, it will consist of exploring the spatial patterns of headwater stream betadiversity (invertebrates) across 20 river networks in France using morphological and molecular approaches. In response to climate change and increasing water demands, headwater streams in Europe are experiencing increased hydrological alterations, including low and zero flows but also artificial “perenialisation” of flow regimes. The consequences of such alterations are poorly explored in these systems which are isolated within river networks due to their upstream position. Moreover, the joint analysis of betadiversity patterns using morphological and molecular approaches is a promising step towards understanding biodiversity organisation using metagenomic surrogate

This project is part of larger project on intermittent rivers ongoing at IRSTEA. Student responsibilities will include reviewing the existing literature, designing and leading large-scale field surveys, processing the collected samples in the lab (eg. invertebrate sorting, meta-barcoding), and analysing the data in a metacommunity perspective using new developments in spatial ecology (eg. phylo-betadiversity, asymmetric eigenvector maps, dispersal resistance function). Applicants are expected to have a background in ecology, strong experience with molecular approaches and fieldwork aptitudes, excellent statistical analyse skills, wish to work in a team and knowledge of invertebrate sorting.

Required qualifications:
• M.Sc. in Ecology or related discipline (to be completed by June 2016)
• Experience with molecular approaches
• Skills in spatial ecology and statistical analysis.
• Good experience conducting fieldwork
• Experience with invertebrate sample processing appreciated
• Valid driver license
• Abilities to work in a team

Applicants should send a CV, a list of three references (along with contact phone and email), and a cover letter summarizing qualifications and research interests to Dr. Tibo Datry ([email protected]).

Start date is October 2016 for a 3 year period. Salary ~ 1600 Euros / month (free taxes). Speaking French is not required but would help the first months. Application review will be throughout June 2016.

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