Dear friends and colleagues,

The past year 2017 has been an uplifting one for Web Ecology. We have lowered our median time from submission to first decision to only 55 days, less than 2 months, and submission to full publication in only 119 days, less than 4 months, while maintaining an acceptance rate of 46%.

The obtention of an Impact Factor of 0.941 in mid-June was one of the more remarkable news of the year, and with it a remarkable increase in submissions. In order to deal with it without increasing our handling times, we are considering candidates for new Subject Editors. Please contact us with candidatures or suggestions. Our most recent addition has been our new Subject Editor, Sonja Knapp ( Sonja joined just a couple of months ago and has been doing a superb job in efficiently handling several submissions.

Our 2017 volume includes a range of diverse and interesting contributions. Remarkably, the winner of the 2017 Haeckel prize, Carlos Herrera, published a “Haeckel Review” titled “The ecology of subindividual variability in plants: patterns, processes, and prospects” which we believe that will open a full new area of ecological research at the within-individual level (

We also gave space for the societies to exchange ideas and to promote science. In that regard, Maria Amélia Martins-Loução, President of the Portuguese Ecological Society – SPECO, proposed September 14 as the “Ecology Day” in order to promote the science of ecology via a variety of outreach activities. A proposal that we hope will find home across the different European ecological societies (

Please also have a look to some of the great works that Web Ecology has published during the last year, and over the last 17 years, you will be surprised. You can search our articles in, on the top right side, under “Search Articles”. We will also be rescuing some of our classic papers in our Twitter @Web_Ecology and Facebook accounts ( Stay tuned!

Finally, please remember that Web Ecology is free Open Access, and it has always been. Open Access as Open Access should be. The European Ecological Federation has been sponsoring Web Ecology publication costs since its inception in year 2000, and it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Spread the word!

In the name of Web Ecology Editorial and Advisory boards, and from the European Ecological Federation, of which SFE2 is a member, we would like to wish you an excellent year 2018.
With our best regards,

Daniel Montesinos and Jutta Stadler
Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor
Web Ecology
[email protected]

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